About Us

Mission Statement

HomeQT connects home buyers and sellers with Off-Market Properties nationwide.


Company Story

The idea for HomeQT started over 20 years ago when the founders were looking to move-up to a larger home. They noticed that many of the best homes listed in the MLS were sold before being entered into the database for comp purposes. In talking with Realtors, they found that many knew about homes that might be for sale, but the owner didn’t want to go through the hassle of showing it, holding open houses, wanted to keep the sale private, didn’t want looky-loos, etc.  The founders thought about it and figured it would be very cool if there was a way to give home buyers and sellers a way to be matched and communicate about off-market transactions. Home sellers could discreetly market their homes while home buyers would have access to homes not listed on the MLS.  


Who HomeQT serves


Home Buyers

Every Home Buyer should register with HomeQT to find out about the houses for sale that they don’t know about!  Some buyers are under the wrong impression that off-market properties are only for the multi-million-dollar homes. Nothing could be further from the truth in today’s markets. Off-market properties exist at all levels, from the entry level home to the highest priced homes in the country.   Home Buyers may also be made aware of homes that are listed on the MLS and that may fit their needs.  


Home Sellers of Off-Market Properties

All Home Owners who are interested in selling their home, but do not want to list it publicly in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) should register with HomeQT and complete a property submission form to add their property to the HomeQT pocket listing database to be matched with a home buyer.


What can I expect from HomeQT?

Home buyers using HomeQT can expect that there is no better place to find an Off-Market Property.

Home sellers can expect to be exposed to buyers that are actively looking to buy a home. Our experience is that these are highly qualified buyers that are in the market to buy now. They usually have researched the properties currently listed in the MLS and have not found what they wanted.


HomeQT Commitment

HomeQT is committed to delivering the most effective method to locate, buy and sell off-market properties.