These Days Buying and Selling a Home can Feel Like a Major Stressful Event

A survey completed by of 2,000 first-time home buyers confirmed what anyone who has ever bought a home has known for years – the experience can be annoying, confusing, and cause feelings of defeat. The study went on to say that two in five home buyers experienced anxiety while another 44 percent felt nervous […]

Selling and Showing Your Home during Covid 19

Even as we see restrictions easing around the country, open houses are not yet allowed to resume the way they were in February. Showing your home to buyers is trickier than ever during covid-19. In-person home showings with limited numbers of people and an abundance of sanitizing wipes, face coverings and gloves are the new […]

How to sell a home during social distancing

Social Distancing

How to sell a home during social distancing Many people have questions about how to sell their house when all levels of government are putting social distancing requirements in place for the covid-19 national emergency. Some of the key questions are: Should I list my home for sale? Should I hold open houses? Do I […]

Sellers Days on Market

The Negative Repercussions of listing a home on MLS For home sellers, having their home listed on the MLS by a Realtor has been an accepted practice for many years. The MLS began in the late 1800’s when real estate brokers shared information with each other about homes they had for sale. It used to […]

Here Is the Most Crucial Downsizing Decision Seniors Need to Make

Couple discussing pocket listing

While the benefits of downsizing may be clear — less stuff and less stress — deciding on a plan of action may be a challenge. For seniors opting to downsize, navigating what to do with your existing home is often the most crucial decision. Should You Sell Your Home to Downsize? For many seniors, downsizing […]

Using HomeQT to find Pocket Listings

Pocket LIstings to Email

Open the Door to Pocket Listings HomeQT Pocket listings are homes that are for sale, but not publicly listed in the multiple listing service or real estate portals. Many home sellers are unwilling to have their home publicly listed for sale, and opt for marketing their home privately.  The hard part is finding about these […]

Starter Home Pocket Listings

Young Couple

The importance of using in the Starter Home Market. Affordability in the starter home market continues to tighten dramatically. Starter home prices have risen 9.6% in the last year. In fact, for the bottom third of the market, starter homes in San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles now require OVER 100% of income! […]

Why the Description Matters When Looking for a Pocket Listing

Think about your HomeQT Pocket Listing request

Pocket Listing Request In reviewing requests from Home Buyers looking for pocket listings, we see the importance of a detailed description. For example, recently received a Home Buyer request. Here is the exact request for a pocket listing in Silicon Valley:“I am looking for a single family home less than $900,000 In Milpitas, San […]

Mindy Kaling finds her new Los Angeles Home through a Pocket Listing

A Pocket Listing in the Historic Hancock Park Area of Los Angeles was the key to Mindy Kaling’s dream home. “I was specific about Hancock Park,” she says, adding that finding her dream house wasn’t as easy as she had hoped. “It’s one of these places that no one ever leaves. I fell in love […]