Think about your HomeQT Pocket Listing request

Pocket Listing Request

In reviewing requests from Home Buyers looking for pocket listings, we see the importance of a detailed description.

For example, recently received a Home Buyer request.

Here is the exact request for a pocket listing in Silicon Valley:
“I am looking for a single family home less than $900,000 In Milpitas, San Jose (Berryessa neighborhood), Newark, Milpitas in California.”

Now, at first glance that seems like a perfectly reasonable request from a home buyer that many REALTORS would like to have as a client. And, if they were walking in off the street to a brick and mortar real estate office, it would be a great starting point. The broker would then ask more questions about areas they have looked at, how many people are going to be living in the house, do they have children, how close to amenities do they want to live, etc.

Home buyers considering pocket listings from HomeQTBy the end of the discussion, the broker would have found several homes on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that might fit their needs, and the broker may even know of a pocket listing or two. Note – this is where it is extremely valuable to use, instead of finding out about the off-market pocket listings that one broker knows about, home buyers get sent matching pre-mls and pocket listings from virtually all brokers, agents, and REALTORS.

Zillow Listed Homes

So, let’s take a look at that request again. If one was to perform a search on Zillow for a single family home in Milpitas for less than $900,000,-121.761647,37.387003,-121.946183_rect/12_zm/ on March 1, 2018, it would show 34 houses available that match that description perfectly.

Trulia Listed Homes

If one was to perform a search on Trulia for a single family home in Milpitas for less than $900,000,CA/0-900000_price/SINGLE-FAMILY_HOME_type/ on March 1, 2018, it would show 9 houses available that match that description perfectly.

Realtor Response to Request

Think of a HomeQT pocket listing description

Most real estate agents reviewing the request would know from experience, that every buyer has certain important requirements to seriously consider a home to buy, and would have used the above questions to more closely match the buyer with homes on the MLS. However, since the agent correctly believes that this buyer has probably searched sites, such as and as well as, this type of home wanted description would not encourage them to respond, because it is simply too broad and could match too many homes.

Best Way to Find a Pocket Listing

For more examples of the types of descriptions that will find the off-market pocket listings, visit Home buyers that provide these kinds of detailed descriptions show REALTORS™ that they have spent time thinking about their future home and know exactly what they are looking for, and, most importantly for the agent, are willing to act quickly when the right opportunity is brought to them.  In turn, the agent is interested in spending their time contacting home owners who have a matching home, and may consider selling.


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