Privately sell your home with less stress

Use HomeQT to sell your home

Avoid being a Stale Listing

Unlike other real estate sites, your home will not accumulate "days on market" and seem stale to buyers who may assume something is wrong with your home.

Maintain your privacy

No posting of your address or photos of your home and belongings on the internet. You are matched with serious buyers who have described to us their ideal home.

Skip the hassles and open houses

You control who sees your home and when. No more strangers and lookie-loos touring your home, or having your home "show ready" at a moment's notice.

Play Video

Tell us about your home

Answer a few questions about your home. You can use Natural Language as if you were talking to a friend. The more details that you provide to us, the better.

Get matched with buyers

Buyer requests are matched with seller descriptions. Both parties are notified of a match and are given the option to communicate.

Start talking

Choose to anonymously communicate with your matches with text, voice and video. Giving you complete control over what information you share with others.

Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

Yes, you may add as many property descriptions as you wish.

We use a highly curated process involving AI and NLP and are looking for that buyer property search description that matches your seller property description. If you don’t receive any matches, it only means that buyers in your area are looking for a different type of home at the moment. Things in real estate can change quickly, and HomeQT is always on the lookout to match you with buyers who have expressed interest in a home like yours.

You will be notified by email when you have a match to a buyer description. The email will give you instructions about how to communicate with the buyer.