Motivated Sellers

When you "must" sell your home

Some reasons sellers "must" sell their home include

Job Offer
Financial Difficulties
To Prevent Foreclosure
Cash out Equity in Home
Health Problems

All of the reasons above are why a seller may not wish to list their property publicly on MLS and prefer a quieter sale. By using HomeQT, motivated sellers can quietly market their home off-market and off the Multiple Listing Service at their own pace without needing to inform others of their plans until they are ready to do so. We match motivated off-market sellers with investors and cash buyers. Sellers can choose to maintain their privacy by communicating with their matches anonymously.

Frequently Asked Questions for Motivated Sellers

You should register as a motivated seller if you want:

  • To sell your home quickly
  • To be matched with investors or cash buyers
  • Control the pace of your home marketing experience

Register as a seller, and answer “yes” to I am a motivated seller prompt.

Yes, you may add as many property descriptions as you wish.

We use a highly curated process involving AI and NLP and are looking for that investor property search description that matches your seller property description. If you don’t receive any matches, it only means that investors in your area are looking for a different type of home at the moment. Things in real estate can change quickly, and HomeQT is always on the lookout to match you with investor buyers who have expressed interest in a home like yours.

You will be notified by email when you have a match to an investor buyer description. The email will give you instructions about how to communicate with the investor buyer, using the HomeQT Chat app.