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The importance of using in the Starter Home Market.

Affordability in the starter home market continues to tighten dramatically.  Starter home prices have risen 9.6% in the last year. In fact, for the bottom third of the market, starter homes in San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles now require OVER 100% of income!

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Starter home inventory in Los Angeles, CA is down 9.8% year over year according to Trulia’s Inventory and Price Watch data. [Download Data]

Given the tight inventory, it makes sense for all home buyers to use to find out about pocket listings, coming soon listings, whisper listings, etc.  Home Buyers must know about every home on the market, and the simple fact is that not all homes are listed in the multiple listing service (MLS). And, those that are listed are seen by everybody.  HomeQT gives home buyers an advantage in finding the home they want.

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Most importantly, is free for Home Buyers, Home Sellers, and REALTORS™ interested in pocket listings.

Pocket Listing Price Ranges

Pocket Listings cover all price ranges. There is a misconception that pocket listings are only for the ultra-high-end homes sold and bought by celebrities and billionaires. The reality is much different. Home sellers at all levels use pocket listings to sell a home. Realtors may want to see what the market interest is before putting it in the MLS (not to mention, they may earn the full commission instead of splitting it with another Realtor).  If the right offer comes in, the house is sold and was never listed.  Buyers that only use the MLS to find homes are at a big disadvantage to the smart home buyers who registered with for free to find their next home.

How to Find a Pocket Listing

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Home buyers have a choice. They can have their Realtor ask around to their circle of agents they work with about what pocket listings they have or know about. Or, the home buyer can try contacting all the agents in the area themselves, which at best will result in much wasted time for both the buyers and Realtors. The home buyer’s best choice is to use for free and tell virtually all the Realtors in the area what they are looking for in a home, and have the Realtors that know of suitable pocket listings, coming soon, and other off market homes for sale respond to them.  It’s a win-win-win for the Home Buyer, the Home Seller, and the Realtor.