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HomeQT Pocket listings are homes that are for sale, but not publicly listed in the multiple listing service or real estate portals. Usually a real estate agent knows an owner is willing to sell, but who is unwilling to have it publicly listed for sale.  The hard part is finding pocket listings, and that is what HomeQT makes easy.  Instead of searching through a database of homes that are listed for sale that everybody knows about already, home buyers simply describe exactly what they want in “natural language” as shown here, then HomeQT starts delivering matching homes right to the buyers’ inbox.

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Local area agents are made aware that there is a buyer with certain requirements looking for a home. The buyer’s name and contact information are not disclosed by HomeQT until the buyer chooses to learn more about a certain home. Then they are free to contact the agent at no cost.HomeQT Show Hide Keyboard HomeQT does not charge the buyer any per house fees nor take any referral fee from the agent or broker. Using HomeQT to find private listings gives you, the home buyer, a leg up on others looking to buy that perfect home. While others are using the same tools as everybody else, you have the key to the secret pocket listings.

Using HomeQT gives home buyers an advantage. Agents will often know of a few pocket listings themselves, but most don’t know about all the other agent’s pocket listings. By using HomeQT, the buyer gets access to all the agents pocket listings. Thus, they have a greater likelihood of finding their home, and the seller has a chance to privately find the right buyer.

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Pocket Listing Request

In reviewing requests from Home Buyers looking for pocket listings, we see the importance of a detailed description.

For example, recently received a Home Buyer request.

Here is the exact request for a pocket listing in Silicon Valley:
“I am looking for a single family home less than $900,000 In Milpitas, San Jose (Berryessa neighborhood), Newark, Milpitas in California.” Read more

A Pocket Listing in the Historic Hancock Park Area of Los Angeles

was the key to Mindy Kaling’s dream home.

“I was specific about Hancock Park,” she says, adding that finding her dream house wasn’t as easy as she had hoped. “It’s one of these places that no one ever leaves. I fell in love with three houses, but I kept losing to these Chinese billionaires who were paying in all cash. I wish I were an Indian billionaire. Finally, I found a house that wasn’t listed—a pocket listing—and I came in over asking.”

Read the full article about how Mindy Kaling found and renovated her Hancock Park home in Architectural Digest 

If you have a specific neighborhood you would like to live in, but cannot seem to find the right home listed for sale. It may be for sale, but not listed.  Use to describe to local Realtors exactly what you are looking for in the neighborhood, and they will you let you know about the unlisted homes for sale.

2017 NAR HOME Survey GraphAccording to the 2017 NAR HOME Survey from the first quarter of 2017, 72 percent of people believe that now is a good time to buy a home.

Home buyers looking for the right house in the Spring of 2017 find many resources available on the internet.  It is easy to find every MLS listed house on multiple websites, and there are thousands of buyers looking at those same listings, hoping they are accurate, up to date, and available. Buyers and their REALTORS should definitely search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to see if the right home is available. If it is, then make an offer and hopefully end up with a great house!

However, it is important to not overlook a large source of available homes that, up to now, have not been as easy to find as a quick MLS search.  HomeQT provides Real Estate Pocket Listings to buyers and their REALTORS.  Read more

To our Home Buyers, Home Sellers, and Real Estate Professionals who celebrate Christmas, we at HomeQT wish you a very merry Christmas with peace and goodwill to all. Read more

A pocket listing is a great way to find serious home buyers, while keeping out the lookie loos.

These Real-Life Ghostbusters Will Help Sell Your Haunted House
Who you gonna call? Some psychics and paranormal investigators charge hundreds of dollars to clear homes of unwanted spirits


Lots of things can thwart a home sale—ugly décor, a bad location or an unrealistic price. But some homeowners and real-estate agents cite another reason: ghosts.

For help, there’s a cottage industry of people who advertise themselves as psychics, ghostbusters and paranormal investigators. Some charge hundreds of dollars to visit “haunted” properties—either in person, or via astral travel—and “clear” them of unwanted spirits. Others are volunteer ghostbusters who comb homes with high-tech gear to suss out paranormal activity.

Jane Phillips, a paranormal investigator and self-described clearer in Santa Fe, N.M., markets her services to real-estate agents because “it’s easier to get them to pay for something if it gets their houses sold.” Ms. Phillips, 65, was a mortgage banker for 30 years in Minneapolis, before moving to New Mexico in 2008, she said. Since then she has worked on hundreds of homes, mostly locally, charging about $350 to $400.

Jobs require her to remove “energetic things,” that can include ghosts but can also be portals—energetic holes connected to planets—as well as what she calls dark energies, which are “energies from other dimensions,” she said. The work mostly occurs “in my imagination—but my imagination is real,” said Ms. Phillips.

Suzanne Taylor, the broker/owner of Taylor Properties in Santa Fe, hired Ms. Phillips for six of her home listings, paying between $500 and $750 for services. She recently brought her in on a house listed for about $300,000 in Santa Fe. Ms. Phillips came into the house carrying “dowsing rods,” crooked rods that are traditionally used as divination tools for finding buried treasure or water.

“She holds them and walks around the house and the rods move on their own,” said Ms. Taylor. At the end of the process, Ms. Phillips said she created a “white blanket of light” in her mind to “lift out any stray energies.”

Shortly thereafter, “I got an offer and closed it,” Ms. Taylor said.

HomeQT gives you access to private pocket listings.

You know the feeling, you’ve found the perfect home for your family. You think about it, look at comparable pricing, talk to your agent, and make a fair offer.

The seller doesn’t respond right away, you have a few sleepless nights wondering why there has been no response.


You agent calls and says “there is another possible buyer, and the seller wants to know if this is your best offer?”

It’s happened to every home buyer at one time or another.

Most agents have “pocket listings”, they are homes that the agent knows the owner is interested in selling, they just don’t want to go through the hassle of actually listing it. Your agent may even know of some other agents they work with who have their own “private listings”.  So your agent makes some calls to see if anybody has a pocket listed home that might work for you.

HomeQT makes finding out about ALL pocket listings much quicker and easier.

How much better would it have been to use HomeQT to find the perfect home pocket listing?  It’s private, you, the agent, and the seller all work together to make the transaction happen.

HomeQT is easy, just tell us about the type of home you are looking for using “Natural Language” and then agents in your area will check their pocket listings to see if any match your perfect home.

Don’t get beat out of your dream home, use HomeQT to find the unlisted homes for sale.

So, sign-up today at HomeQT and find that perfect home through a pocket listing.



Find a house through pocket listings.

Are you tired of searching the Multiple listing Service? Spending hours on sites like, Redfin, Zillow, and other home search sites? Only to find that they have the same listings as all the other sites, and often the data is out of date?

RE For Sale Sold SignHave you seen the perfect house show up, only to be already sold by the time you look at it?

You are not alone! These experiences happen every day to home buyers like you. They are no fun, and make the home buying experience even less fun.

Savvy home buyers know that sometimes the best listings never hit the public market until AFTER they have been sold.

Wouldn’t you like to be one of those smart home buyers who found out about that home BEFORE everyone else? Read more