The Housing Market Stays Tight In 2021

With more Americans rethinking and delaying the decision to sell their homes, the housing market is becoming unavoidably and increasingly tight. 

A recent Wall Street Journal article identified the pandemic as one of the reasons potential sellers are holding on to their homes. According to real estate agents, “a fear of strangers entering their (home sellers) houses during the pandemic prompted people to cancel or delay their plans to list their homes.” 

Furthermore, more Americans are working from home due to the pandemic. Putting up their homes for sale will necessitate multiple showings and open houses, which is clearly an inconvenience at this point. Another key reason behind the decision not to sell is the scarcity of new houses in the now competitive market. 

These actions and inactions are ultimately contributing to the present tight housing market. But despite these constraints, you can still sell your homes or find suitable homes for sale when you use the HomeQT platform. 

The Tight Housing Market Problem Solved!

HomeQT is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers with off-market properties which were formally known as pocket listings. Buyers and sellers are discreetly matched with off-market real estate properties for sale. 

Despite the current market situation, HomeQT provides access to properties that are not listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) across all 50 states.  

The platform allows sellers to register their property privately and intending buyers to use Natural Language Property Search and Description to find these off-market homes locally that match their preferences.  

Asides from the easy access to off-market real estate properties, HomeQT also helps home sellers and buyers minimize the need for home viewings. Sellers can decide the best time for them to welcome potential buyers for inspections, and they can pause showings any time they wish. 

What’s more? The HomeQT platform does not accumulate the days on market for listed properties. So, as a seller, you can decide to sell whenever you want to without being pressured because of accumulated days on the market. 

Get Started with HomeQT today! 

HomeQT offers a private, flexible, fast, and convenient way of selling and buying real estate properties, especially in these unusual times. To learn more about the platform and how it works, check out

You can also get started as a HomeQT Home Buyer or Home Seller right away.  

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