These Days Buying and Selling a Home can Feel Like a Major Stressful Event

A survey completed by of 2,000 first-time home buyers confirmed what anyone who has ever bought a home has known for years – the experience can be annoying, confusing, and cause feelings of defeat. The study went on to say that two in five home buyers experienced anxiety while another 44 percent felt nervous throughout the process. One in three home buyers admitted that they broke down and cried at some point during their home purchasing process.

Especially now during an unprecedented global pandemic, it’s probably safe to say that home buyers and sellers are experiencing their fair share of anxiety. While buyers are hoping to find the right home, many sellers are anxious about people physically touring their homes.

For sellers, HomeQT helps them focus their energy on buyers who are truly interested in their home. Sellers also are able to hand pick the people they want to physically tour their home.

HomeQT helps take the stress out of buying a home by making buyers aware of ALL homes that are for sale, and not just the ones to be found on internet real estate portals. The property they are looking may be out there right under their nose. If buyers don’t ask HomeQT, they may never find out.

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