Off-Market Homes For Sale

Are you thinking about buying an off-market home?

Use to find off-market homes for sale.

While most homes can easily be found online through the various real estate portals, there are a large number of sellers who, for various reasons, are not interested or willing to publicly list their house for sale either through a Realtor or as For Sale by Owner “FSBO”.

Home Sellers

Sellers who wish to remain private, can register their home with HomeQT for no charge. They enter all the information about their house, and more importantly, they enter a description using Natural Language, they tell the future buyer what is special about their house that may not be in the objective factual data.

Home Buyers

Buyers also enter the information about a home they are interested in, along with a description using Natural Language. What is important to them? Do they want to be near a certain school? Should the home have a brick or wood or stucco exterior? Do they prefer a colonial or a ranch style home? Or, would they like a neighborhood with tree lined sidewalks? Should the ceilings be high or low?

The more descriptive the buyer and seller’s information is, the more likely they will be matched with the right property and buyer.  By giving sellers the ability to market their home on their terms off-market, what used to be called a pocket listing, the seller is able to more easily sell their home with less negative impacts to their lifestyle, maintain privacy, and avoid unnecessary health risks during Covid-19. The buyer is able to find properties that are not listed in the multiple listing service and see homes that match their needs.

If you are selling your home, an off-market listing gives you greater peace of mind that your home is being shown to serious buyers.

Don’t let the MLS Clear Cooperation Policy stop you from taking advantage of the benefits of an Off-Market home as a buyer or seller.

To find those off-market “whisper listings” or sell your home through an off-market listing visit today.

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