Pocket Listings and Time

time-managementIn today’s world, buyers and sellers of homes are looking for services that help protect one of their most important assets – TIME.

When homes are listed on the MLS, sellers can expect that they will get that call from a REALTOR® telling them they have a possible buyer interested in viewing their home, and requesting to show it as soon as possible. The seller then spends time straightening-up, turning on lights, airing out the house, and other activities to make sure their home is presented in its best light.

After spending time to get the home show ready many times, the seller starts wondering about these “possible buyers”.  Why haven’t they made offers? Is it the house? Is it the price? Etc.  Sometimes, the reason an offer is not made is because the home does not meet the buyer’s needs.

So, by setting up this viewing of a home that had very little chance of securing a purchase offer, both the buyer and seller’s time was wasted.  The one thing both buyer and seller value and do not like having wasted is time.

Is there a better way to decide which homes to view?

new-home-construction-1404053582z20Neither the seller or buyer above, would have knowingly chosen to waste their time looking at an MLS listed home that had virtually no chance of generating a purchase offer.

One of the many advantages of www.HomeQT.com is its ability to help home buyers and sellers save time.  Home buyers that are searching for a home simply tell HomeQT what they are looking for by using “natural language”.

By doing this, the REALTOR is better able to see if a house has a high likelihood of being the right one for them. If it is, and they have it as a pocket listing, then they can tell the buyer about it and arrange a showing.

Because the buyer only arranged to view showings of pocket listings or pre-MLS listed homes that met their specific needs at HomeQT.com, the seller, buyer, and agent are all happy.  And, there is a better chance that the buyer will make an offer.

Home buyers can start saving time today and find the pocket listing they are looking for by visiting https://homeqt.com/home-buyers/

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