Real Estate Pocket listings

You are looking for that perfect home. Maybe it’s your first home, maybe it’s a move-up home. Perhaps, it’s even your ultimate dream home.

Despite working with a Realtor, and searching all the usual real estate listing websites such as,,,,, etc. you just can’t seem to find the “right” home.

That’s when HomeQT is your answer to finding the right home. As HomeQT says “Your perfect home is waiting…it’s on the QT and just not listed…”

Pocket listings are listings that home sellers have asked real estate agents to not put in the Multiple Listing, but if the agent happens to know a buyer then the homeowner would sell. Hence, the agent keeps the listing “in her pocket”.

Sid HudgensThe problem is, if a pocket listing is private, and only buyer’s who know the agent are made aware of it, then most buyers have no chance of finding it! It’s as Sid Hudgens would say “Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush.”

Happy Home BuyersHomeQT solves the problem by having buyers tell agents exactly what they want in a home. If an agent has a “pocket listing” that matches what the buyer is looking for, then the agent tells the buyer about it, and they can view the home.
HomeQT is free.  All a buyer has to do is tell HomeQT in “Natural Language” what the buyer wants in a home. A buyer might tell HomeQT that she is looking for “A 2,500 square foot home with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. It needs to have a 3 car garage, and a large yard. It should be located in the Redondo Beach Unified School Disrict, and within walking distance of Alta Vista Elementary School. A pool would be nice. Preferably single story, but would look at a two story home.”

Home Buyers will receive an email containing descriptions of homes that agents have as pocket listings. Agents will receive an email containing descriptions of homes that buyers are looking for.Happy Home Buyers 385

Either the agent can contact the buyer and say, “I have a home that meets your description,” or the buyer can contact the agent, and say “I saw your description of a pocket listing you have, and I may be interested in it.”  It’s a free and easy solution for agents that have pocket listings and home buyers looking for pocket listings.

So, if you are a buyer looking for that perfect home that is not listed, let HomeQT help you find it by signing up today. 

Or, if you are a real estate agent who has a pocket listing then HomeQT can help you find a buyer while “keeping it on the QT.”