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HomeQT Pocket listings are homes that are for sale, but not publicly listed in the multiple listing service or real estate portals. Usually a real estate agent knows an owner is willing to sell, but who is unwilling to have it publicly listed for sale.  The hard part is finding pocket listings, and that is what HomeQT makes easy.  Instead of searching through a database of homes that are listed for sale that everybody knows about already, home buyers simply describe exactly what they want in “natural language” as shown here, then HomeQT starts delivering matching homes right to the buyers’ inbox.

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Local area agents are made aware that there is a buyer with certain requirements looking for a home. The buyer’s name and contact information are not disclosed by HomeQT until the buyer chooses to learn more about a certain home. Then they are free to contact the agent at no cost.HomeQT Show Hide Keyboard HomeQT does not charge the buyer any per house fees nor take any referral fee from the agent or broker. Using HomeQT to find private listings gives you, the home buyer, a leg up on others looking to buy that perfect home. While others are using the same tools as everybody else, you have the key to the secret pocket listings.

Using HomeQT gives home buyers an advantage. Agents will often know of a few pocket listings themselves, but most don’t know about all the other agent’s pocket listings. By using HomeQT, the buyer gets access to all the agents pocket listings. Thus, they have a greater likelihood of finding their home, and the seller has a chance to privately find the right buyer.

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